Afraid of Love

Aren’t we…??

A little afraid of Love.

We always keep hearing things like, “Everything you do, do it with a little love” or “It’s not how much you live, but how much you Love that matters”, but on the contrary, what we do is, run away from people who treat us with love.

It’s like anger has become a default expected reply, from everyone and when that doesn’t happen, or, someone replies gently instead, all the theories come falling apart.

Keeping a check on someone in need, is automatically considered as flirting and doing even slightest of favors are considered as an act made for the entry into someones good books. Keeping everything in light humor is for Impressing and having good terms with everyone is the biggest Game of all times.

Very Seldom, or say almost never it happens, that we consider someone’s good gesture, a good gesture, just because the person is more of a human, before anything else and that is what is the Ideal behavior of a Human Being.

This was probably one of the major difference between Homo Sapiens and all the other creatures, that we have an understanding of thousand different emotions, which if you look carefully is quite rare. Nobody other than us in the entire universe, can not only understand, but reciprocate emotions.

But all this seems to be of no use and value as all we do, is ruin everything which we touch.


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