We live in a time where Being Traditional is considered a Taboo, a strict no-no, specially with respect to the teenagers. Following ones traditions, or cultures are thought of something as a very difficult task, which it is not.

The very basic of idea of setting up the whole tradition base was making some kind of set of Rules to make human lives easy.
But, we Humans, we have a habit of turning and twisting simple things in order to make it difficult and then to blame everything and everyone, for making it this way. 😀 

We Humans really have some serious mental issues. 😛

So, all what I want to tell here is.., there is no harm in Being a Traditional Person and following traditions can be made easy if we understand the Logic behind it.

To quote one such example from my culture(#Hinduism), is that, we have one month of the year, around the month of July-August, locally called as #Saawan, meaning Monsoon Season, wherein it is believed that people should prohibit the consumption of any kind of Non-vegetarian food products, and all sorts of animal protein, so as to worship God(As non-veg is basically prohibited in our culture). Also, one can accompany it with some days of Fasts.

What I have come to is that, this Monsoon Season is very harsh on everyone’s health, specially gut related issues. Contamination in food and water is very easily spread. Plus the digestion of food becomes very Slow and Difficult. So if in this case, we will take some very heavy proteins, then it will further be difficult for us to Digest. I have had some serious stomach related in the recent past and so I have been following it this time and to my Surprise, it really works. What else to Say. I mean till now., fingers crossed, I have not faced any such severe issue.

All Thanks to our Culture. 

P.s Please Share some stories related to your culture.


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