FYI.., Its National Lollipop Day in US. It’s for the first time I have heard of something like this. I did not knew that something like this could also be celebrated. Lollipop Day…, Seriously…???pexels-photo-369265 (2)

I mean its great to realize that life can be celebrated in which ever way possible. And it should really be. Coming on Earth and getting this life should in itself be a big Celebration. Even though for most of us life has been harsh, and so somewhere between the not-so-happy journey, we have forgotten to feel thankful for this life. We all should take time out to celebrate it. To celebrate life without reasons, or to celebrate by creating some small and silly reasons. One of them being this one.

I mean Life is a big gift if “we” value it. There are and have been people who have accomplished so much in this very life. And each and every one of us is here for their own unique purpose. Only this thought makes life worth valuing and celebrating.

So if you are reading this, take out some time, bring a smile to face and appreciate your life, no matter what is going in it. Learn to celebrate it without reasons, and life will become an ongoing celebration.

P.s. There is a small pun which I know only Indians will relate to. If something like this day would have been in India then our Lollipop Anthem would have been undoubtedly this one. ‘Lagawelu jb Lipistick’.

For other, I’ll give a little description. India is a very diverse Nation with numerous languages spoken. This being one of them. In this song the lover guy says that he finds the belly of her girlfriend to be like a Lollipop. In a not so modest way. I hope you get it. 😛 🙂  

And, not to forget, Happy Lollipop Day people…!!!


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