Unlike the Law “Opposites Attract”, life teaches us to live with the ones who are Similar to you. Like the Law says, Opposites attract, it never says it coexist. It is very easy to get attracted to someone who’s not like you, but to stay attracted to someone like that, even the law has no answers to it.

Everyone of us must have experienced this thing at least once in life. There would have been situation when either you or someone else would have said this, “YOU ARE NOT MY TYPE”.

As per my Observation, in life only people with similar thoughts, and mental frequency can be together in complete Harmony. Say for example, if there’s a couple who lives together, there can be no way both can live peacefully if there choices don’t match over some basic things such as Food, culture, ideas about family life, and the list goes on.

For those who are already into it, need no more explanation. *my sympathies with them, as its one of the most brave things one could ever do*.

And for those who are not, here are little details.*mark my word ‘little’, as it is a never ending topic*.

Food- Imagine Continental with Asian. Magnet.
Culture- American with Blacks. Magnet.
Idea about Family- Joint family with Nuclear. Magnet.
Kids or No kids. Magnet.
Bungalow or an Apartment. Magnet.
Downtown or Countryside. Magnet.

I might not be precise with the examples, but all I what to explain is Difference. Difference which is sometimes unavoidable.Imagine a situation, where you do not correlate with someone on anything in the world. Imagine a situation, when you do not Match.Imagine a situation, when you are with someone to whom you have to explain even the slightest of details because you don’t get each other. That is what called being a magnet. You repel. No matter what, you will, cause that’s what magnets do. So if you are like a repelling magnet with someone , then its better no to go that path. Stick to your poles and that will be Best for all.

There also exists, things like Understanding and Adjusting. But that comes with a certain limit. And that limit is entirely based on People, different people, different limits.
And Ofcourse, exceptions are always there.

So the Bottom Line is, its better not to make your life like a Magnet, to be on the Safer side.

via Daily Prompt: Magnet


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