woman-570883_1280Everyone of us must have heard someone saying, that for him life is just over. I have had one such encounter with someone very close to me and had struck me so hard that I was compelled to think about it till the very depth.

As far as I know, normal human beings do not have the ability to forecast their future happenings. Because if this was possible then I didn’t need to tell you that what all must have happened and what all must have never. Then why some people have a constant habit of pre-assuming things and having that there is nothing that can be done and also getting depressed and worried about it. All these statements are only for those who don’t have the power in them to accept a situation the way it is and then work hard to rise once again. It’s a statement of losers, because winners never do so. Life gives you immense chances. No chance will be your last. I know trying and giving every opportunity a 100% is a must but even if we could not fulfill it then also we should NEVER give it up. Because if you were true in your effort then life will reward you with an even better one.

There are some people who worry about not being able to do something or learn something as young because they didn’t have the resources or whatever. For them, there is just one thing –

Learning Never stops and there is no age for learning

There are examples in the past who started very late but ultimately they reached where they wanted because they had it in them and it was destined that way.

There is nothing which you won’t be able to do again. I have seen people coming back to life after suffering from accidents, terrorist attacks, wars, severe climatic conditions, abuse, illness, rapes and many more. If life didn’t end for them how can it end for you. Are your reasons bigger than that of their’s or are you some less human than them. I guess, NO !! then why do we stop from trying again and again until we succeed. It’s nothing but our own devil half because as humans we always think about saving and in this case saving energy from trying again.

It’s difficult to live but it’s far more difficult to die. When the next time you get really really upset about anything, think of the ways in which you can die and you will find your whole life in front of your eyes. Predominantly the goods about it. And those good things will never let you even think about it again.

In the aspect of life, it never ends permanently because there’s only one permanent end to human life which is DEATH. We can feel the happiness many a times in our lives but the feeling of being dead comes only once, and when it comes it takes us along with it.

So, Dbottomline is never say never again.


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