letter-447577_1920“Sometimes you just cannot think of writing anything even though you had a lot to…”

Is writing this not enough..??!

I have always been a person who is practical towards life but philosophical at heart.Since my teenage days, I had an entirely different angle about seeing things. I was a little  more like a philosopher or an artist or you can sum that up by saying “Filmy” (Yes !! I was !! :p). And so I used to ponder a lot about a lot about every little happening of my life that too from different angles which ended to a point where I had a whole lot of mess inside my brain, which came out to be a big , like really big problem for me and also which needed a solution. After thinking a lot , I can came to a solution which was – writing (Yes!!). Very simple !! Isn’t it ??

But for the answer was a BIG NO; I found writing my jumbled thoughts was even harder than thinking them. The reason was I found no string left loose so that I could pick it up or at least get one starting point.Then I thought (again) that what is the reason which is making it so hard for me to rewrite, even though I have already written it all  in my mind.

And then one fine day , I GOT THE REASON. I don’t know who said this, but it turns out to quite true. That it is HARD to search for the cause of any problem, than to find the solution. Coz even a doctor takes 3/4th of their time in finding out the disease and its cause and only 1/4th in writing down the medicines (prescription).

So, I got the reason, and it was the force or say the pressure which I exerted on myself. That moment I realized, that I am writing it as my first blog, for which I should have been happy , I got tensed about the things like – Content of the article, the grammar, the spelling mistakes, and above all the fear of getting it public.

That is how Life is, the things which you initially started for your happiness, your satisfaction, slowly becomes another tension. I don’t know whether it is the competitive spirit within a human being or its the will to stand out amongst everyone which makes us do it. But one thing which I know for sure is, that, what ultimately will matter is not the money or the fame but its the happiness, the satisfaction which we will be able to award ourselves. Life is too short to be taken so seriously. so what if I’ll commit some mistakes in my blog, even I am a human being and human beings are not supposed to be perfect ” we are all known by the mistakes we commit”. And **** one who commits mistake is neither an idiot nor foolish, but he is the person who tries to learn. And this is what matters the most. Moreover, their is something called Microsoft Word.

So here is  little solution and advice. Lets not make our lives so difficult their are already no less of tensions lets not add more. Something in life should really be left for doing with fun. We don’t need to be competitive in each and every section of life. Was giving the JEE’s once, twice or even thrice not enough for all of us. I know that being competitive is something which is embedded deeply in human nature and many a times we unknowingly fall in the rat trap.All we have to do is keep an eye on no one but our own selves. Let’s not let passions turn into obsessions. Doing this is really important at times for maintaining mental balance. Even precisely programmed computers come to a situation of deadlock after which they are unable to function properly. Then we are humans and we have to keep ourselves going.

SO,  The Bottomline is to do certain things in life with the sole motto of attaining satisfaction and nothing else. Coz satisfaction is something which leads to the fullness of life and this fullness leads us forward for attainment of happiness & happiness is what all of us as human beings strive for.


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